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Counter culture and what it means for the present & future

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Counter culture and what it means for the present & future

Post by Spooky_Zalost on Mon Jul 04, 2011 5:35 pm

well it goes by many terms really...

and each group has an individual meaning which gets taken way out of proportions.

for instance in the 60's there was various wars going on (not unlike today eh?) and an entire generation stood up and took a the initiative to end it, these were the hippies.

Like today the majority of them were followers who just wanted to belong, however without them there wouldn't have been as much success... see when fighting against a political system numbers are important, even if the majority are only caving into peer pressure thus it becomes the norm and not counter culture anymore...

a better way to describe it would be a societal culture counter to what has been the norm up until that point.

this eventually becomes the norm and a over time the ideas become corrupted with their success thus a new counterculture arises to challenge it!

This has been the norm for centuries... what were once revolutionaries leading a change have now become leaders for their own beliefs and people follow them!

however now we have too many groups going in too many different directions thus we aren't getting anywhere.

what we need is a new group, one similar to the peace movement in the 60's, what we need is a new peace movement now.

consider this, all these wars, they are stupid yes? what are we fighting over? is it killing terrorists? somewhat yes, is it oil?, again yes!, and finally why are we really fighting?, why do we hate those innocents over there who are only following their leader?

Because ours told us to... you see we are all pawns in a giant game of chess and the goal is to topple the enemy king, what we need to do is stop being pawns and start taking control of the game!

so let me ask you... What will you do to fight those who wish to prevent peace and create endless violent chaos?

Your Friend in cyberspace
SpookyZ pirat


"when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you." (Neitzsche)

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Re: Counter culture and what it means for the present & future

Post by bigro on Thu Jul 07, 2011 4:25 am

counter culture, the best thing sliced bread Razz

Anyway, I believe the problem with counter culture today is that there is a distinct lack of obvious problems within the confines of the first world. (I assume we are talking about the first world.) Back in the 60's there was plenty of things obviously wrong to the public which created the whole hippie movement. In today's society counter culture with nowhere obvious to 'counter' has split into many little groups fighting for smaller things that aren't as obvious whereas most of the people have just become content (is that even possible?!?) However in other cultures like Egypt and Greece (at their prime of counter culture) are currently or have recently done the whole rebellion thing. In Greece specifically it is more of a fighting to get back what was once theirs. (public services and the like)

In other places such as Afghanistan where for a long time they had A LOT of problems, a curious thing happens within counter culture. If presented with plentiful choice of what to rebel against it will go for something that has nothing to do with them but is still a problem ('DIE INFIDELS!' ring a bell? it had nothing to do with em' and they still fought it.) then after picking an unrelated problem it attempts to relate every other big problem towards it. (how'cha think they got everyone there to hate america? [a majority, not everyone])

And that's my spiel on counter culture
But, but, I do tell lies!
But, but, I do tell lies!

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