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Choosing an OS

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Choosing an OS Empty Choosing an OS

Post by Spooky_Zalost on Thu Aug 25, 2011 1:34 pm

ok so this post will serve as my pov on the advantages and disadvantages of each operating system as I have had experience with all 3

lets start with


it's a great OS if you want to play video games or are looking for compatibility & ease of use but it has some serious downsides.
The most visible of these are it's security issues, I mean you hear about it all the time, virus steals identity, Virus hijacks bank, ect...
But you see it's not Microsoft causing these issues though it's the users their own lack of knowledge and lack of safety precautions combine with the sheer number of windows users that make's windows such an easy target for hackers.
The Next issue is one that affects all OS's Compatibility, you see when hardware gets too old or an app is not updated regularly it becomes less and less compatible with the system it's on for instance, you might have trouble running that old dos app in win XP because it's no longer updated or maintained.
and finally windows is a resource hog, it drains resources like a vampire always seeking more, each new version uses more and more resources which forces people to update.


this OS has some great upsides which is why it's my personal favorite, the first of which is it's user securty, you see depending on the distribution most linux OS's are very secure and it ends up being the end user that makes a stupid move and gets the PC fried, however this is very unlikely due to it's much stronger security protocol than it's neighbor windows.
it's also much more compatible with older hardware and is quickly patched for various issues thanks to it's open source and friendly community.
however linux also has some downsides.
you see linux isn't directly compatible with the latest games & apps, mostly because microsoft has the world convinced that technologies like direct X are the way to go vs open GL which would allow multi platform functionality.
linux also isn't perfectly compatible with the latest hardware though that issue is getting better, mainly because many hardware manufacturers won't put out their own drivers or allow open source efforts to be made very easily.
and finally, windows & linux don't always get along on the same network partly due to some sabotaging from microsoft.


There really isn't much I can say for this os that I haven't said for linux, mainly because they share a unix base.

however mac Operating systems are hardware specific unlike windows & linux and unless you are some sort of guru or know what hardware works with it you have to buy a very expensive very cheaply produced computer that "looks good" and isn't very functional.

you see with OSX there is no hardware upgrades, no misconfigured or bad drivers, no incompatible software to worry about.

if it works with your PC it says so, this is why mac is great for the new user or the "hip" user because it's easy to use, doesn't take a lot of knowledge to use, and it's similar to linux security wise.


so if you are looking for a new PC remember to buy one for what you need it for, if you just want an OS and want to save $$$ on a PC use linux, if you want a New PC and want to game, go windows, and if you just want to look cool or are just getting started, OSX is the way to go.

Your friend on the wired SpookyZ afro


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Choosing an OS Empty Re: Choosing an OS

Post by cheesey on Wed Sep 19, 2012 9:18 pm

this is a great summary of the "main" systems, I think...
what's been said here is very true...
this should be a good guide to many users about choosing an OS to fit their needs.

Hello: My name is Mr. New
Hello: My name is Mr. New

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Choosing an OS Empty Re: Choosing an OS

Post by Snowy on Mon Jan 20, 2014 1:18 am

I have to agree with what cheese said, this is all very good advice for people who are choosing an OS.

Hello: My name is Mr. New
Hello: My name is Mr. New

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Choosing an OS Empty Re: Choosing an OS

Post by brian48 on Wed Jan 22, 2014 8:33 pm

ya, this is an area that leo knows very well !
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Dream Worker

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Choosing an OS Empty Re: Choosing an OS

Post by Sponsored content

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