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Titanic vs Californian

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Titanic vs Californian Empty Titanic vs Californian

Post by Titanicbuff on Wed May 30, 2012 11:21 pm

ok- There is an interesting theroy involving Titanic and a so called mystery ship. The identity of the so called mystery ship is RMS Californian- a frighter that was stopped for the night on ice.
ex A Californian
Titanic vs Californian C0090262-SS_Californian,_1912-SPL
A very unglamorous frighter on its way to Boston she stopped for the night- Around 11pm she spotted a large passenger liner steaming nearly- At 11:40 Pm that liner appeared to turn off her lights. Could it be that the other ship was trying to avoid something? Shortly before that time the wireless operator on Californian- Cyril Evens Had barged in on Titanic reporting that they were stopped by ice- problem- Evens failed to get permission and nearly blew the ears off the wireless operator on titanic- Jack Philips. Philips told him to stay out and Evens shut down his equiptment and went to bed. Then around 11:40pm the titnaic hit the iceberg- thus the reports of the lights being shut off fro the night- Clearly The Californian saw the whole thing
Ex B Positions

Titanic vs Californian Graphicx
ok as you can see by the rather silly looking graphic I made the actual postions and reported postions are very different.

EX C Titanic
Titanic spotted a ship 2 points off the Star board bow and started trying to reach her by morse lamp- When that failed Quartermaster Rowe tryed firing 8 white rockets of the bridge- Californians officers reported seeing 8 white rockets- In order to see them you could be no more then 20 miles away- However the ship saw the Titanic with her "Big Side" out of the water as reported by Apprentice officer James Gibson- to see this a ship had to be within 5 to 10 miles but no more.

You be the judge- Could Californian had in fact come to the rescue of the stricken Titanic or would the effort have been worthless?


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Titanic vs Californian Empty Re: Titanic vs Californian

Post by brian48 on Wed May 30, 2012 11:24 pm

this is supper interesting Micheal !
and you certainly are making a huge SPLASH on this website
in a hurry !. You have a wealth of knowledge on Titanic to share with
all of us. An exciting time for the site !

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