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Should the US have interfered in Titanic desaster

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Should the US have interfered in Titanic desaster

Post by Titanicbuff on Sat Jun 02, 2012 10:14 pm

After the Titanic sank in 1912 US Senator William Alden Smith-R-MI decided to investigate the tragaty of the RMS Titanic sinking.

WA Smith- 1859-1932

Ex A- Ownership

The Titanic and White Star Line though a British registured ship was not British owned. In 1902 The White Star Line was bought out by American shipping magnate J.P Morgan. This means that Titanic was an American ship not British as is often thought. This would give full rein of the investigation to The US Congress and Senate.

Ex B- destination

Destended for New York the Titanic was headed to an American Port with American passengers.

Ex C- sample questions

Some of the questions asked by Smith are a bit funny- But The questions had a reason.
1. "What are icebergs made of" What Smith was looking for was what could cause a ship to sink that was in an iceberg himself- While Officer Lowe didn't get it and stated "ICE" fourth officer Boxhall understood what he was getting at and stated- "Ice with bits of rock more then likely"


2. "Did she sink by the bow or the head" Smith knew that the bow and head were the same thing but was trying to prevent a situation of technical mumbo jumbo. So in effect- he prevented it.


3. "Was ayone trapped in the watertight compartments" Charles Herbert Lightoler was shocked at this question and stated "I Don't know sir"- ok- this may seem like adumb question but senater Smith knew what they were- The American public had a vision of people trapped within the compartment slowly sufficating in the dark- He was merely trying to clear that up- In 1911 when the Olympic (sister Ship of Titanic) reached port- he was given a private tour by her Capt- EJ Smith and was told what he was seeing-

Lightoller- officer on Titanic

Ex D
In over 1100 pages of testamony he found that:

More lifeboats were needed
A 24 Hour watch was nessesary on all ships thus equipted
That The Californian (see post 1) stoodby and ignored everything
That 3rd class couldn't be locked up

So thats some of the info that arein books about the Titanic- You be the judge- Should there have been such inferferance on not?

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Re: Should the US have interfered in Titanic desaster

Post by brian48 on Sat Jun 02, 2012 10:18 pm

wow, this looks like quite the informatve post here
Micheal !

well done !
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