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The curse of White Star Line

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The curse of White Star Line

Post by Titanicbuff on Wed Jun 13, 2012 11:16 am

ok- thought I'd show that white star line was doomed to begin with-
Now a subsidiary of Cunard Line the White Star Line was formed when Thomas Ismay bought a small line of Australian sailing ships based in Liverpool, England. The origianl line was owned by two men- John Pilkington and Henry Wilson. one of the first White Star Line ships- RMS Tayleur, sank on its maiden voyage while on the Australian to UK run. of the full passenger list only 290 survived. At the Time the ship was the largest ship in the world and was on her maiden voyage- some say it was a precurser to the Titanic-

Here is a list of White Star Line ships that sank- This shows the curse was very active-
ship cause year lives lost
Atlantic rocks 1873 535
Baltic collision 1898 0
Belgic wrecked 1884 0
Doric run aground 1911 0
Cufic unknown 1919 40
Runic wrecked 1921 0
Naronic disappeared 1893 50 crew 24 cows
Gothic run aground 1925 0- scrapped
Delphic torpedo 1917 5
Cymric torpedo 1916 5
Medic torpedo 1942 unknown
Oceanic grounded 1914 0- scrapped
Celtic grounded 1928 0- scrapped
Armenian* torpedo 1915 29
Arabic torpedo 1915 44 passengers and crew- 3 American
Republic rammed 1909 3
Laurentic mine 1917 354
Traffic- scuttled 1941 0 tender for Titanic
Zeelandic torpedo 1941 unknown
Titanic iceberg 1912 1514 est
Ceramic torpedo 1942 unknown- one crew captured-rest drowned
Southland* torpedo 1917 14 in explosion- 22 drowning
Brittanic mine 1916 30 sister ship- Titanic replaced by Germans
Justicia* torpedo 1916 0
Laurentic(2) torpedo 1940 49

So as you can see- bad luck-
Those with the * are owned by Whaite Star but run by other companies

Fate of White star ships now

only one ship of the Line remains- A Tender that served the Titanic- Nomadic


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Re: The curse of White Star Line

Post by brian48 on Fri Jun 15, 2012 8:27 pm

interesting find here Michael.
it is certainly more incidents than i expected.
Dream Worker
Dream Worker

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Re: The curse of White Star Line

Post by Ceafus 88 on Fri Jun 15, 2012 10:57 pm

Great post, very informative stuff you have here, alot to learn from you on this!
Ceafus 88
Ceafus 88
Hello: My name is Mr. New
Hello: My name is Mr. New

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Re: The curse of White Star Line

Post by Spooky_Zalost on Fri Jun 15, 2012 11:03 pm

great work Titanic: keep up the great work and don't stop throwing out new data on this ship!


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Re: The curse of White Star Line

Post by Sponsored content

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