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Would she have sunk after hitting the iceberg anyway?

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Would she have sunk after hitting the iceberg anyway?

Post by Titanicbuff on Sun Jul 08, 2012 10:54 pm

Some "armchair navigaters" as Titanic fans have often been called theroize on what would happen if the ship hit the berg dead on instead of trying to "port" around it. Some say had she hit dead on she would have stayed afloat- Sure people in the bow would've died but she would have is what people say I don't beleave this- There is evidence that there was more damage in the form of the double bottom. However the damage wasn't discovered til later in the tragity. My beleaf seems fairly sound as an iceberg is made up in such a way that most of it is under water- It is unknown exactly how much was under water and what would have been the end result but the evedance seems sound to me that she would've gone down no matter what.
Another theroy goes that had they simply done nothing after striking the iceberg that the water woulld have been distributed evenly instead of doing what it did and the ship could have made it to Halifax- However this is misleading as agin the damage to the double bottom comes into play. Even if they had not closed the water tight doors the ship still would've sunk but at a much slower pace- in either way the ship would've been lost. you be the judge on it.


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Re: Would she have sunk after hitting the iceberg anyway?

Post by brian48 on Tue Jul 10, 2012 9:19 pm

I think based on what Ive seen and know
the ship had a very good chance to stay afloat
For sure a lot longer time it would have stayed up i think .
This is a very interesting question you pose Micheal.

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