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Sleep Paralysis

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Sleep Paralysis Empty Sleep Paralysis

Post by brian48 on Wed Dec 29, 2010 10:15 pm

one thing that may occur as you start to get into the various methods for lds and obes.. ,
is something commonly referred to as "sleep paralysis"

if it occurs, this is something not to be alarmed over and its actually a fairly common occurance
once you start messing with this stuff.. But basically as you would guess you wake up only to
find you cannot move your physical body and in some cases breathing even seems a bit difficult..
To get out of this condition, simply remain calm and relaxed and patient !, and you will soon be
able to gradually start moving body parts.

the prevailing theory as to why this state sometimes occurs shortly after wake - up, is simply
caused by the consciousness outracing the physical body to wake up..

thanks, brian
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