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When Galaxies Collide

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When Galaxies Collide Empty When Galaxies Collide

Post by Spooky_Zalost on Wed Jan 05, 2011 12:45 am

wow 2 updates in 1 day! well.. astronomy is my major hobby so I figured I would answer the question some of you may have about the future of our galaxy now that you know what it looks like (see last post)

ok well basically this is what will happen, in about 2 Billion years the Andromeda galaxy and our galaxy the milky way will begin a kind of gravitational dance, stars on the outer edge will be pulled away from the galaxies and things will begin to become hecktic.

At about 3-4 billion years the 2 galaxies will begin to merge with their Central Core Super massive Black holes engulfing any stars that happen to stray too close, as the 2 galaxies orbit each other stars will be thrown every which way in a kind of galactic train wreck, Our star the sun (currently at 25Light Years from the core) will be thrown out on a long arm of dust and debris that stretches out from the core's of both galaxies.

at about 5-6 billion years the 2 cores will orbit each other eventually merging and the galaxy it's self will be reborn as a hybrid of both Andromeda and the Milky way, there is no name for this galaxy yet but we do have a long time to find out, the sun it's self will be near the edge at 100,000 Light years from the core.

to better illustrate this I have found a you tube video showing a simulation of the collision along with photo's from the Hubble Space Telescope which show galaxies in mid collision.


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When Galaxies Collide Empty Re: When Galaxies Collide

Post by brian48 on Thu Jan 06, 2011 1:13 am

This was very interesting !
And I had no idea about any of this...
Thanks so much Leo for taking the time to do a great post
than i know many will enjoy..
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