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Dream Precognition

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Dream Precognition Empty Dream Precognition

Post by Spooky_Zalost on Fri Jan 07, 2011 9:50 pm

"Dream precognition is where you have a vision of the future while dreaming. most people don't realise it until they get a sense of Deja vu or feel like they have been there before even if they haven't.

Dream precognition can share similarities to lucid dreaming and for most people be interpreted as just an incredibly realistic dream.

Usually you feel like this is real but something is off or some event is about to happen and when it does you feel like you almost expected it.

Usually you follow the dream without realising it and then you suddenly awake realising that it was a strange dream.

Dream precognition can be anything from something small like a conversation with somebody or something big like a warning for danger.

It can be caused by similar methods to Lucid dreaming with practice and effort.

Just remember one thing time is not set in stone and even if you see something bad since you know about it ahead of time (in the case that this is cause intentionally) you should be able to prevent it thus changing the future.

I hope this was informative, and just remember that if you have a precognitive dream that it can be prevented and or it can not happen at all due to whatever has happened between the dream and the time of the even changing and thus changing whatever it is."

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