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First Steps ( Step # 5 ) - Dream Signs and Dream Journals.

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First Steps ( Step # 5 ) - Dream Signs and Dream Journals.

Post by brian48 on Mon Jan 17, 2011 7:57 am

First Steps ( Step # 5 ) - Dream Signs and Dream Journals.
This is the 5th installment in my series " first steps"- a newbies guide to
obtain lucidity in your dreams..

This continues the discussion of the use of your dream journals, which are one of the cornerstones to experiencing dream type phenomenon. And introduces a new dream concept called '"Dream Signs " ...

So again just to review a bit about the use of the dream journals-
Just keep a plain notebook on a bedside table for the recording and recall of your dreams during the night.. ( even the online dream journals are better than nothing if you want to go that direction. ).. It's important to know that its not time to panic or anything if you don't recall dreams each and every night. But it's practically a guarantee that your dream recall will improve gradually, if your diligent about keeping up with your dream journal on a nightly basis. Consistency is more the key here with this.

Ok, enough on the journals itself for now.. lets see what dream signs are now and we begin to see how some of this is coming together , in terms of some understanding of all this.

Dream Signs-

are simply recurrent themes that appear often enough in your dreams that you begin to become familiar with them. I will use my one and only dream sign i have identified as the example here. But for me , my dream sign is.. " Driving in vehicles" - be it car or my work truck. but rather than be to specific about it , i do consider any dream that i have about driving or even motor vehicles to be associated with this dream sign. In some ways i feel lucky that I have this dream very often. more about later in future installments. But this is a good example because rather than some specific "thing" or "event" so much, dream signs are usually more in the form of 'concepts" rather than specifics .
So finally than let us see how "dream signs" tie in with the "dream journal".
In my case i have the 'driving dreams" often enough , I may have been able to identify the fact it was my dream sign even without the journal. i suspect for most people, especially early on, it is;t that clear or easy to identify what their dreams signs may be. So the easiest way to identify these "dream signs" is to use the dream journals.. it simple requires ( after several dream entries in them).. the reading of them to try and spot any possible dream signs. The best way to go at that point is to them write down any prospectus dream signs on a separate page to keep track of what they are . Please ask any questions you have on what 'dream signs" are than if you still don't understand them well.
In the next installment of "first steps", i will be going into how these "dream signs" can be used in conjunction with "reality tests" to obtain degrees of lucidity in your dreams.

thanks, Brian ( your dream guide)
" The inability to open up to hope is what blocks trust, and blocked trust is the reason for blighted dreams. "
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