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First Steps ( Step # 4 ) - Dream recall and Dream journals

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First Steps ( Step # 4 ) - Dream recall and Dream journals

Post by brian48 on Mon Jan 17, 2011 7:59 am

First Steps ( Step # 4 ) - Dream recall and Dream journals
hello everyone 001_smile,

this is the 4th installment in my series " first steps"- a newbies guide to
obtain lucidity in your dreams..

this would also be step 4 , in my basic steps for obtaining lucidity..

4) .. Improving dream recall, keeping a dream journal and how to
keep one .

So before going any further into this particular thread it is recommended that
you consider the prior 3 steps, as the content involved here is a step oriented
process , for this to work best.. Those can be found here :


so one of the key steps in attempting to obtain lucidity in your dreams or
for those wanting to obtain more lucidity or higher levels of lucidity.. is to
increase dream recall .

Here than are some ways we all can increase dream recall ,, :

1) .. Being aware that the mental processes and attitude play a big role in it-
So here , i am referring to desire, motivation and confidence.. which by
the way are so very important in many aspects related to dream

2) .. Stating Affirmations , before going to sleep at night. For those
who do not know .. an affirmation is a commitment we make to
ourselves by way of saying it to ourselves ( silently in our minds) or
even out loud to ourselves verbally.. So am example of an affirmation
we might say to ourselves as it applies to dream recall might be -
" I will dream many dreams tonight and i will recall them in detail "
You will want to say affirmations over and over and also even more
importantly, trust and mean what you are saying. Again, as a mental
exercise itself, affirmations are very important and play a big role in
many dream phenomenon , such as lucidity and OBE's .

3).. reading about dream recall, thinking about good dreams you desire
to dream about in the future, and discussion with others like in our
dream chat room here about dreams and dream recall, are all helpful

4) .. Keeping a dream Journal -
Is likely the most important of these steps you can do and it deserves
separate postings in the forum about it. here is a link to a very
good posting that has already been done about it by our web site
president , Mike 001_tongue


So i recommend a blank notebook that is right next to your bed,
on your bedside tables, right next to your lamps. it is quite crucial
the recording in your dream journal begin right away as quickly after
wake -up as possible. As dream recall is rapidly lost the longer you
wait to write stuff down. Also make sure to include your thoughts and
feelings you had in addition to the details of the dream scenes. This
is quite important to do also. As the number of dream entries and
dreams you can write down increase over time, you will than be able
to identify something we call .. " Dream Signs" ,
Which i'm planning for installment 5 of the "first steps " series.

In addition, i strongly encourage others to add to my list of 4..
about dream recall methods they can recommend - " the first steps" series
was not intended to be a 1 man operation but a group effort on the part of this
entire forum. Wink

Thanks, for everyone's input
and happy lucid dreams ! Sleepy
" The inability to open up to hope is what blocks trust, and blocked trust is the reason for blighted dreams. "
Dream Worker
Dream Worker

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