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First Steps ( Step # 3 )- Relaxation and Meditation

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First Steps ( Step # 3 )- Relaxation and Meditation

Post by brian48 on Mon Jan 17, 2011 8:00 am

First Steps ( Step # 3 )- Relaxation and Meditation
Hello everyone !,

This is the next installment of my first steps series..
This one is on relaxation and meditation techniques.

Lucid dreams , like many mental processes have a logical system and
progression of steps to master. Here is where to get started with it.
As you lie in bed at night the very first step is something i call CCCR
comfort, calmness, contemplation and relaxation.. The first step is
to achieve those 4 aspects fully.. The 4 aspects along with the acronym
CCCR, would be considered to comprise what we call " Meditation."

Additional comment here from President Mike keller -

"Yes, so basically (in a way) you're kind of meditating. Try to let go of any stress and relax yourself as much as possible. Try to be in a neutral mood. "

I would like to take one of our steps now from the CCCR method and
delve a little deeper into achieving the "R" ( relaxation)..
I feel out of the 4 , the most important one to work on first for starting off the
process for obtaining Lucidity ,would be relaxation..

There are many relaxation techniques you can try , but i will tell you the 2 I like best..
and how I go about them..

1) breathing relaxation method..

Here you want to take slow and measured deep breaths.. Holding the air in for maybe
an extra second or 2 and letting it out slowly.. The other additional benefit besides this
idea it relaxes your physical body. is it also put you in the proper mind set.. because it
focuses your mind as you begin to get drowsy on a single task.. this helps to induce the
kinda trace like state which is important for the later steps of either lucid dreams or OBE's
this is a method which will use energy from your "chakras".. Chakras.. are the stored energy
sources in your physical body.. More on this a bit later..

2) Listening to your heat beat..

this method has a quite similar effect to the breathing method above.. But if you focus well
enough you should be able to hear your own heart beat from where your head rest on your
pillow.. Focus on it deeply and try to magnify its effects.. also a side product this method
is also focusing the energy from your "chakras" to a single point and building these
energies up.. Later we will discuss how these energy sources are important to LD's and
especially OBE's.. But for now you should be able to literally feel the energy grow , the better
you become on focus and achieving the trance like state of your mind..

more on relaxation and stress...

if you have a stressful life or having a period in your life when you have worries, concerns
and stress.. , You can still achieve any of the concepts that this web site talks about.. It
just means only that you may have to work a little harder on 'focus".. were it pertains to
blocking out the "excess baggage" of thoughts that are unrelated to the direction you have to
take to begin the various processes your mind must enter as a prerequisite for the other steps
in all of this.. My words and advice will take on new meaning for you once you take the time to
learn and understand what is involved in all of this.. And actually doing these methods is quite
beneficial to the reverse..meaning.. these steps and processes mentioned in this web site will
help you deal and reduce stress also.. So that's one beneficial byproduct to all of this..
" The inability to open up to hope is what blocks trust, and blocked trust is the reason for blighted dreams. "
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