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First Steps ( Step # 1) - organizing and progression.

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First Steps ( Step # 1) - organizing and progression.

Post by brian48 on Mon Jan 17, 2011 8:02 am

First Steps ( Step # 1) - organizing and progression.
hey, everyone !

this is my next content post in my new series "first steps" - to obtain lucidity
in your dreams...

I think were getting to the point now where we have a lot of information
gathered on the web site now, that we need to find ways to organize it in terms
of the newbies understanding , first what is lucidity exactly..?
How do i start ? , and What are the logical steps I should follow to obtain
my first signs of lucidity in my dreams ?

As i believe that much of our dream related phenomenon to be best obtained
in more a "step oriented process", than its my hope that this post will provide
some direction to those wishing to go beyond just their normal dreaming they
have been doing at night.

So with that in mind this is more a generalized post just to brain storm some
sorta process to this and to have a sorta outline to follow. it kinda tries to
group together many of the steps you need, that have been mentioned else
where in this forum. In the coming weeks , i hope to be able to take each of
these and detail and expand on them in separate thread postings. Anyways
here are the aspects or steps to this as best as i can put them all together
at this point in time and in the order i feel they should be learned and absorbed -


1).. What is Lucidity exactly and is this something i want to achieve
in my dreams ?

2).. What are the different level of Lucidity ? ( Posted)..

3) .. Learning relaxation and meditation techniques.. ( Posted )

4) .. Improving dream recall, keeping a dream journal and how to
keep one -- ( Posted)

5) .. what are reality checks, how do i use them , and what is their
connection to lucidity - ( posted )

6).. What are "dream signs " ? and what are their connection to
reality checks and to lucidity ? ( posted )

7).. once i have mastered these first 6 steps, what are some lucidity
techniques i can use before going to sleep at night ? IE ;
the W. I. L. D. and M. I. L. D. techniques and others.. ( posted )

I think thats enough to get us started here. i would appreciate other's comments and posts.. additions to the list, corrections ? ect,

thanks so much for your time, Brian
" The inability to open up to hope is what blocks trust, and blocked trust is the reason for blighted dreams. "
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Dream Worker

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