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Mars, the new world? Or a block of iron?

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Mars, the new world? Or a block of iron?

Post by Lot Creator on Sat Feb 05, 2011 12:54 am

Hello, today's topic will be about wether Mars, the fourth, iron rich planet from the sun, but is it habitable?
To ansuwer the question, we have to reveiw Mars stats: scratch study
(note: i got it from my knowledge and info from this website, http://www.windows2universe.org/mars/statistics.html) study
Diameter: 6,785 km (4,217 miles)
Rotation Period about Axis: 24.6 hrs
Mass: 0.64x10^24 kilograms (0.11 x Earth's)
[color=red] Revolution Period about the Sun: 1.88 years [/color]
Density: 3,933 kg/m^3 Tilt of Axis: 25o 12"
Minimum Distance from Sun: 205 million km
(128 million miles)
Surface Gravity: 3.7 m/s^2 (0.37 x Earth's)
Maximum Distance from Sun: 249 million km
(155 million miles)
[color=red]Temperature: -129o C to 0o C
( -200o F to 32o F) [/color]
Orbital Semimajor Axis: 1.52 AU (Earth=1 AU)
[color=red]Average Surface Temperature (K): 218K [/color]
Minimum Distance from Earth: 35 million miles
Satellites: 2

Arrow As we can see, Mars is kinda hot and that is excluding the Global warming in there which means that the iron in the atmosphere is acting like the effect we have on Earth. Just that instead of carbon it is rusted iron. And the heat is enough to evaporate water right out of your hand affraid, which is enough to kill you upon looking out the window! What a Face But, in the other hand it has water, so to speak, right now it look like it is stuck some feet below the dirt, which is good. Also, the only thing that affects Mars inhospitably is its tepmperature, this can be fixed by removing the iron from the skies, try to plant trees, build some ozone making plants there, and see how can the water can return to the surface without evaporating in your hand.
Arrow So we have our facts straight, this planet can be put in condition for human living, but there is also a factor we have not taken in consideration, the "aliens" that live here. It is still unknown if there is bacteria here for the info is still hidden or unknow. But the need to know it is very needed, for we may not know if the bacteria is hostile, fatal, friendly, or neutral. It is not like the bacteria will form an army and come in spaceships and attack, rather, its atack will come in the form of a new flu that we have no protection due to it new viral properties. But the protection of the virius may come later, after many deaths or generations, so this CAN be overcomed.
Arrow So the ansuwer is YES, it can be possible to be conqured and habitalbled, with a little help of our green friends, and animals, air clean-up and this planet can be your home in the future! It is remacable indeed, but is still a mystery, why would the iron be rusted if it first has to come in contact with oxigen or water? It is a question from which i cannot ansuwer due to the fact that I don't have a budget of thousands of dollars, but this is the truths and lies site. Anyway, I present to you my look of the situation.
Happy Exploration

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