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Fractal Universe?

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Fractal Universe? Empty Fractal Universe?

Post by Spooky_Zalost on Fri Mar 04, 2011 4:16 pm

ok I have an interesting Idea I would like to discuss, you see the universe appears to be a Hyper-dimensional construct withing a universe that holds an infinite number of other hyper-dimensional constructs.

however I have recently come to the thought... the universe seems to have a pattern ordained into it, so maybe the universe is a Hyper Dimensional Fractal.

perhaps the farther out we go the more complex it gets, and we are just 1 tiny dot on this HUGE structure that we call the multiverse, consider it this way... our universe is 1 spiral in a multiverse Fractal.

within that there are strands and clusters that contain circular galaxies that all seem to have a rotating shape creating more fractals within the fractal that is this dimensional plain within the fractal that is the universe, our galaxy is one of these and our planet is a dot within that, if you get smaller the circular pattern continues, caused by forces we have yet to understand.

if you go deeper even the flowers have a basic mathematical Pattern and within them the molecules contain atoms that again have this circular pattern.

within the atoms are even smaller particles in sphere shapes that again continue the pattern. so just like a fractal the farther you look the more you see, it's endless!

so I submit to you the forum the Idea of a Fractal Universe.

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Fractal Universe? Empty Re: Fractal Universe?

Post by meister1235 on Mon Mar 07, 2011 5:32 pm

it's nice to read that another person make these thoughs too, because i made the same thoughs several months ago too, but i still can't fully understandt how a small universe can be hold in a super small core of an very small atom confused

but i think this is nearly impossible to fully imagine in an human brain.

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Wise Man of the Mountain

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