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Using OBE's to Explore (moved from D&B)

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Using OBE's to Explore (moved from D&B)

Post by Spooky_Zalost on Wed Dec 29, 2010 9:22 pm

ok so once you have become reasonably good at astral projection there are several things you can do while in this state.

the first is simply to explore around and view places and since you are basically an image of your self projected through energy prolonged use of astral projection can tire you out.

an easy way to travel is to think about a place you want to go and if you focus you will be (for lack of a better word) teleported there.

this is a great way to have fun while practicing astral projection because you can visit places you never thought you would see.

however since "teleporting" takes alot of energy in it's self I would recommend traveling somewhere close at first and slowly expanding your travel distances so as not to put your self low on energy and requiring alot of sleep.

please note that if you do expel too much energy the worst that can happen is that you will fall asleep and be pulled back into your body.

once you have gotten reasonably good at teleporting around earth a good way to take it a step farther is to visit other places in the solar system and eventually the galaxy.

just remember that your first trip to another object should be close like the moon so that you don't tire your self out.

once you have gotten good at traversing the solar system in astral form I would recommend our nearest neighbour Alpha Centuri.

I still occasionally visit the centuri system only because I find it to be quite beautiful...

just remember to take your time... as you get better you can travel farther and explore more.

just don't expect instant results right away.

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