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General spirit info

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General spirit info

Post by 7499275 on Sun Apr 03, 2011 10:44 pm

Ok I'm not saying i know everything about ghost and angels and what not but i know a lot and i want to share my info with y'all, so um

think your house may be haunted? well there is a few easy way's to tell one way is hearing a lot of bang's in the night or even during the day, well that means there probably is a spirit in it. Never try to contact is that can be very dangerous but if it ever try's to harm you or harm other people in the house it's time to take action

But before i talk about taking action we wanna make sure it is not a demon or angel to find that out check out the demon and angel topic I've written

Now once you've made sure it's a spirit, you only want to get rid of them if they are trying to hurt you or someone in the home which if it isn't what you want to do is when there is a lot of activity such as thing's moving or a lot of banging, is say in a emotionless tone of voice don't sound scared or mad or happy be un-emotional and say " Please stop ( moving a certain item ) ( or ) (please stop making those banging noises ) " and it should stop if not, if you believe in god or who ever you believe is almighty pray get on your knee's at your bed and pray for the spirit to be removed if not I"d recommend getting a preacher or pasture

Hmm, I like to tell truths!
Hmm, I like to tell truths!

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