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Real Vampirism, a non lethal Disease

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Real Vampirism, a non lethal Disease

Post by Spooky_Zalost on Wed Apr 13, 2011 9:17 am

it's understood by some (but not most) now that vampirism could be caused by a retrovirus (an Extremely small organism that changes the DNA of it's host) there are suspects as to which retrovirus this is but no one is sure.

Vampirism is not what it's described in the myths and books, the truth is... real vampires are nothing like the Evil, Blood draining, eccentric, creatures that burn in the sunlight, In fact real vampires can go out into the sun... they are just really sensitive to it!

Real vampires also don't show any significant signs until Puberty (a period of change caused by a series of 10 normal retroviruses that make us relatively human)

abilities include, Heightened levels of the 6 senses (smell, touch, taste, sight, sound, and Intuition), Increased strength, intelligence, speed, reaction time, and an increase in the ability to utilize blood & iron from various sources.

truth is Vampires are nothing to be afraid of, they are just different and in some ways slightly more evolved.

I hope this was an enlightening view on REAL vampirism and this information may be updated as more becomes available.

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