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Gravity, the glue that helps us stay on the ground with the sticky stuff.

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Gravity, the glue that helps us stay on the ground with the sticky stuff.

Post by Lot Creator on Tue Apr 19, 2011 9:11 pm

Gravity, its all around us. It is helping me write this article, helps you sit on that chair or couch or whaever. Ergo, gravity is all around, but how can this simple attraction, help you survive? Well in many cases, gravity, may, and has to be added to the list of most important things for mankind to exist, beacuse imagine this, swtich the gravity off, and you will flying mercless and hopelessly because you won't have anything to support to or move from, also, think about our daily lives, cars flying around, yes, it would resolve the current energy crisis and gas cars, but it wouldn't even exsit because gravity would be needed for the first cars to exsit! Fro and all, it will very unhelpful to fry for things, you could crash with things, topple things and probaby hurt yourself more than accomplish anything. Also, all the air in the earth will go away and then you will be in serious troble. To think about gravity as a buggard, is a insult to gravity. Without it, you wouldn't even exsit.

Hope you understand my point of view.

All that matters is that we are still alive, celebrate for that.
Lot Creator
Lot Creator

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Re: Gravity, the glue that helps us stay on the ground with the sticky stuff.

Post by bigro on Wed Jul 06, 2011 10:37 am

eh? thats a little bit of an understatement, without gravity you wouldn't have anything to hold onto because there wouldn't BE anything to hold on to because without gravity first and foremost, Hydrogens would not form stars and dust would not form planets as they would not 'clump' together. Thats my first point, second point, without gravity there would be no other element apart from Hydrogen and the odd Helium as there are no stars and other things (supernovas, quasars....all start as stars) this is excluding the relative to the amount of hydrogen, small amount of other elements created by the big bang. To put it simply without gravity the ENTIRE universe would be an evenly distibuted (due to dispersion forces) sea of solid (no fusion/fission = no energy = no heat = solid) hydrogen and helium dust....very boring indeed.

(also there are other forces to be thankful for aswell but gravity is undoubtedbly the biggest one out there....It's also the only one to not (yet) be related to the other energy forms.)
But, but, I do tell lies!
But, but, I do tell lies!

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