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my current belief system

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my current belief system Empty my current belief system

Post by Spooky_Zalost on Fri Apr 29, 2011 1:13 am

my belief system is very interesting as I draw my information from everywhere quite literally, and it's unique to me in how I see things.

quite simply thousands of years ago beings came from the sky and created man, mankind misunderstood them and claimed them as god/gods, this is not true as while there is a great power to the universe... there is no all knowing all powerful being.

over time these beings had a war over what should be done with us as we were gaining knowledge & power (fruit of knowledge, Ancient vedic texts, ect...)

eventually mankind was influenced differently on each side of the earth, (explains the radical differences in belief between the Americas and Eurasia

now it is my opinion that A we can ascend as our creators possibly already have, B that we are definitely not alone, and C that we have become lost on the path to an extended existence as a race.

minimal violence is a key point in my personal spiritual belief system, when people die they ascend they don't just cease to exist, and always avoid a fight when possible as it never ends well.

now I do think that we will be visited eventually by those that created us however we should not look to them as gods but as teachers!

all the prophets and saints were really just teachers who knew more than most!

I believe in reincarnation though not in the common understanding, instead I feel that we ascend and descend constantly between lifetimes while we slowly evolve and eventually ascend to a very high plain of existence.

I believe that the truth will come to light very soon but for now believe what you want, this however is my belief and I do not question it.

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