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Ghost ships.

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Ghost ships. Empty Ghost ships.

Post by 7499275 on Sun Aug 05, 2012 10:19 am

Lately I've been doing research on the flying Dutchman, as well as I've been watching several shows recently about UFO's so I just wanted to start a thread and see what you all think?

The Dutchman is a supposed 'Ghost ship' that is never able to make port, supposedly she set sail and approximately half way into the journey a mysterious fog came over the ship and the crew vanished but nothing was disturbed everything was at exactly the same location as if the crew were there.

I would like to hear the thoughts on the Dutchman and other ghost ships as well!
Hmm, I like to tell truths!
Hmm, I like to tell truths!

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Ghost ships. Empty Re: Ghost ships.

Post by brian48 on Sat Aug 11, 2012 7:35 pm

Yes indeed rocky.. !
I am a big believer in this kinda thing with ships.
There has been many strange happenings concerning big ships.

For instance did you know the American Indian's never were able
to notice or see Columbus big 3 ships ?

And there is similar writings from the explorer John Cook that the
Indians in Peru did not notice his ships either !

Apparently, it is a quantum mechanics thingy
Where the ship were never previously part of these Indian's reality
they had no conception of what a Big Ship was.
That combined with the fact this was the ships first time in these
locations can cause some very strange quantum events Smile

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Dream Worker

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