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New asterion first stirke (test before sending to nation states forums

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New asterion first stirke (test before sending to nation states forums

Post by Spooky_Zalost on Mon Nov 25, 2013 12:21 am

beginning on November 17th 2013, the combined work forces of New Asterion, Asterion, and Tarterion (mostly refugees at the new asterion space colony), of the Terran Orbital Region, began retro-fitting mining vessels to carry small missile armaments.

as of November 25th 3 ships are armed and at 3:30pm ust, began moving to the L2 Lagrange point from the L4 point (location of the TOR), it will take aprox 4 days to reach this point due to the distances involved, and due to using chemical rocket propulsion.

see map below

the ships are not much different than space shuttles, but their cargo bay's have been retrofitted to house about 5 small Guided Explosive rocketseach.

the rockets are small devices with a short distance of about 50,000 km, are guided with a basic tracking system, and have a small proximity triggered explosive device comprising of 2mg of uranium, discovered on some nearby asteroids during the recent mining expeditions.

see image below


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