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Earth's Energy

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Earth's Energy

Post by Lot Creator on Wed Mar 09, 2011 12:43 am

Did thee know that all of the energy that you use comes from that big ball of fire and gas? Twisted Evil Yes, it does, it makes your car's wheels go round and round, makes the plants live, animals, coal, oil, and well, you. Twisted Evil
To think that thy car runs solar is true, in fact remember this "Matter never gets destroyed nor created". Matter saves energy, but the energy in lost in friction, movement and gravity. But the energy comes from the sun even though it never was intended. Take for example: study
Arrow the sun releces energy
Arrow plants and animals that collect sunlight save it
Arrow other animals eat the animals and plants
Arrow these animals lived millions of eons ago and have changed into petro, the energy from the sun is packed into the into it and thus powers our plants and cars
Arrow the original energy of the sun has not changed, rather, it has been passed down from hand(or fin) to today
The result is that our nowadays energy comes from the sun. Solar plants are only "shortcuts" for the energy to come faster and cheaper. Oil in therory can be made, but that will be explained in biology. alien

Hope thee understand the procces!
Lot Creator

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Re: Earth's Energy

Post by meister1235 on Wed Mar 09, 2011 5:05 pm

Very nice post, but i think there are two exceptions from this "rule".
Because nuclear power stations and the fusion powerplants which are in development are generating energy which didn't came from the sun.

Wise Man of the Mountain
Wise Man of the Mountain

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Re: Earth's Energy

Post by brian48 on Thu Mar 10, 2011 7:17 pm

ok but Meister, keep in mind some of the same reactions that take place with fusion
also occur every day on the sun's surface..

Dream Worker
Dream Worker

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Master, I have the answer

Post by Lot Creator on Tue Apr 19, 2011 9:32 pm

I have your answer, it is simple. Radioacitvity comes from the chunks of fallen stars long ago, for example, lets say we live in system B, A is our "starting" position.

sys A

However, this system explodes, because it got old, and goodbye system A.

R.I.P sys A

However, the remains of the system A form the System, B and C.

Sys B
Sys C

In the process of this, the exploted system A(aka the star) blasted parts of it around the system and thus, we get radiation. It happens because the star had energy and possibly, uranium is a capasitor of the stars,
It also relative to our sun, but in this case, it would mean that the origin of REAL energy is unknown, however, what I tell is true.

So lets fix this, Like a Star @ heaven = radioacivity

Sys B Like a Star @ heaven

sys C Like a Star @ heaven

Hope you understad.
What a Face

All that matters is that we are still alive, celebrate for that.
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Re: Earth's Energy

Post by Sponsored content

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