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Petroleum Composition and Information

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Petroleum Composition and Information Empty Petroleum Composition and Information

Post by Lot Creator on Sun Apr 03, 2011 9:22 pm

Hello there. I had been promising a explanation over how petrol is made, the fast way and the lazy way, and its cons and the so-so ups.
References: Wikipedia.

Petroleum has exsited since the ancient times, though, not in the way we have it nowadays. Petrol in those days was more crude and was used to fire upon enemies, light the way, to power the Alexnrian lighthouse, and some other uses.

It has changed our ways of life nowadays, we now have cars, plastics, complex things, heat, energy, etc.
It now powers our homes, helps you live, makes your fish live, and makes things go round and round. It has been a great revolution the oil revoultion since the discovery of coal. It also helps people and animals well.

Petroleum is made by the use of carbon exposed to the sun to "charge" it. Also the use of presure can do it. Lets begin,

1- Petrol is nothing dead, it is the plants and animals that live in those days, though, animals are not exactly the main source of the petro.

2- Mitorite hits and abolishes all life(not all) at the time and the plants and animals are buried under the crust.

3- Under some time, the plants and animals become a little cramped and become pressed under some several hundred tons of preassure.

4- From that time to now the remains of the plants and animals become compleately oil, this metamorphosis is natual and makes the present oil. Note that the energy comes from the sun because the plants that collected the energy has make oil, flammable.

The same occurs with coal.

Since we know that oil is made by collecting the energy from the inexpencive sun, we can make some oil by applying it on a piece of carbon, not coal. The use of burnt plants, wood, or rock, can be used as capasitors. Oil is like a fluid capasitor, you charge it, and you get energy later. But oil has to be charged in another way like by pressure, the pressure bends the energy from the sun with the carbon and tada!, you got fluid oil. Though, you need the right equipment to make it. Shocked And not to mention the carbon, nor the solar collectors. It makes solar energy, cheap.

But it comes at a price, even so, to the enviroment and the population. The oil slicks and bombard of oil wells make a splash of oil everywhere, curupting the land, make birds and animals comit sucide in the vain attempt of cleaning themselves, and make our overall life, worst. Though, many groups have been founded and the clean-up of the animals has been done, reducing their deaths. Also, many groups have banned to work against the oil gigants. However, even with this, it is like hitting a stone with a egg, the effort keeps crashing down and results are dissapointing. But they keep on.

Now electric cars have been invented and the use of hybrids are increasing, though, the mayor number of the hybrids will be on hold these days because the factory that makes them has had a nuclear dissaster plus a tsunami. Also, the reserch of new energies has been made.

Hope you like and understand it.

All that matters is that we are still alive, celebrate for that.
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